Residential Landscaping Project Management


Residential Landscaping Project Management in Atlanta, GA

SS&A will take charge of every aspect in the development, achievement, monitoring, and closing of your project. We will achieve all residential project goals and objectives while admiring the preconceived constraints of scope, time, quality, and budget.

Project management is the act of planning, designing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion design. The project manager can perform as the middle person between the client and the many trades to follow the design work through to construction and completion of the job.

We offer a residential landscape project management service, which means we can maintain to be involved in the project during the building stage. This involvement is a guarantee that the sincerity of the design is maintained from start to finish.

  • There are a connection and a good communication flow between all parties involved
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Quality control
  • Ability to control and deal with any differences that may arise
  • Manage the construction so that it follows the approved design
  • Ensure works are carried out to the council’s satisfaction and approval
  • Ensure that there are communication and transparency from the tradesman to the client

SS&A Estimating Process

At SS&A, we will personally cover and itemize the property, capture photos of the property and give the potential client a recommended professional management care plan, along with a complete estimate for our services. It is crucial to note that we measure our properties and base our estimates on those measurements and itemized landscape assets. There are many companies that provide the potential client the best guess, low price to get the account, only to figure out later they are losing money. Inevitably service fails, plants and turf become unhealthy and everyone involved becomes unhappy.

We recognize our edges to be successful in this business. We also understand we may not be the choice for clients who are concentrated solely on price and not on beautifying, improving and protecting their property and environment.

With our views and techniques in the estimating side, we know we will be able to successfully manage the client’s property for many years into the future without ever decreasing quality. This clearly creates mutual trust and confidence with our clients that their asset will continuously be managed correctly week in, week out, year after year.

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