water reclamation


Harvesting Georgia's Rainfall


If you are...

  • Interested in creating more sustainable sites?
  • ...livable communities that use less of our valuable resources ?
  • aware of Georgia EPD’s recent restrictions on watering lawns?
  • Seeking opportunities for achieving various LEED ® credits?
  • ...Or maybe just interested in being more "GREEN"?


Are YOU currently taking advantage of FREE RAIN WATER?


IF NOT, Then let us provide you with



Provided by a...
Georgia Registered Landscape Architect,
whom is also a
LEED ® Accredited Professional &


American Rainwater Catchment System Association Accredited Professional (ARCSA AP).


The Benefits are Numerous: 

  • Freedom to continue irrigating your landscape, maintaining its beauty (while others are limited)…and protecting your investment
  • FREE source of water (capital expense might be depreciated; ultimately will pay for itself by utilizing less purchased water)
  • minimizing and controlling storm runoff from site, thus protecting the environment and delicate stream ecosystems
  • Conserving valuable municipal sources of water
  • Excellent Public Relations and benefits of proactively being more “green”
  • Potential to achieve various LEED ® credit points where applicable
  • Possibilities for future tax and rebate incentive potential!
  • Reduce impact on limited aquifers


If our feasibility study shows promising potential, we will recommend additional detailed designs be performed, and a more detailed installation proposal will be provided by:


A & C Development, Inc.
a general contractor, which utilizes a network of various manufacturers, suppliers, and some of the most experienced irrigation, plumbing, excavating and utility contractors in the Southeastern United States.


"The LEED ® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings."